We accelerate healthcare innovation.

Building health software is complex. Carepenny’s solutions reduce the barrier to entry for the healthcare software market by providing a next-generation platform for interoperability, security and compliance. 

Our Platform

Building blocks for your applications.

Rapid Front-end Development

 Our JavaScript SDK enables rapid development of production-ready PWA’s utilising SMART on FHIR authentication and pre-built web components for virtually healthcare use case. 

Modular Back-end

Modular back-end solutions provide secure, interoperable cloud or on-premise data connectivity, storage and management with FHIR & GraphQL APIs out of the box.

Health Graph

We solve interoperability by connecting apps to healthcare data through a single authenticated GraphQL endpoint; unlocking vast silos of patient data. 

We make building healthcare software easier.

Carepenny’s health software platform enables rapid development of healthcare software, from MVP to production. Our 

"Building health software is complex. Carepenny's platform takes care of the hard parts like security, compliance and interoperability - so IT wizards and developers can create innovative healthcare software which changes lives, fast!"

– Ali Sayed

Currently in closed Beta

Carepenny Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom under registration number. 11429181 – Our registed office is at Carepenny Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. For legal and compliance enquiries, please contact [email protected].